RicNic delivering free Youth Music Project in Crewe

Crewe Town Council is committed to delivering projects that help to raise the aspirations of young people in Crewe, allowing them to achieve their potential and develop interests in the arts and culture. This Youth Music Project has been designed to facilitate participation in a high-quality, creative activity and offer a valuable learning experience that supports local young talent.

RicNic are facilitating the running of this project, in which participants will be given the opportunity to gain experience in performance and music event production; from planning through to stage tech – for free!

A group of young people aged 16-24 will be supported to create a mini youth festival of music inspired by different genres and represented by song, dance and instrumental performances.

We welcome applications from individuals who will be assigned a group, or from existing groups (e.g. from a school, dance group, amateur theatre company, etc)

How will people get involved?

Young people in Crewe from a variety of different youth settings (including traditionally underserved groups) have been invited to get involved in the project. Three youth sub-teams will be responsible for the design, coordination, management and marketing of the event to showcase local young talent in a variety of ways.

The teams will also be responsible for identifying and programming the event’s acts and activities, which will be drawn from local schools, dance and drama groups, amateur societies and youth groups.

Primary and secondary school children within the Crewe town boundary will also have the opportunity of taking part in interactive workshops in the run up to the event to explore different musical genres and design decorations for the festival venue.

People of all ages will be welcome to take part in the event on the day and come together to support the performers and activities!

Sign up to take part

Creative Team Callouts: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12bVV95zildYjvRldWggWZWDV71i3CrqG/view?usp=share_link

Tech Team Callouts: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yFIUCDnQaIf5b9WxTpbdfLk4c4mJm8pi/view?usp=share_link